Title: RivaMika
Artist: ゆーじく
Characters/Pairings: Levi/Mikasa
Genre: fluff, crack


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Part of 【進撃腐R-18有】ジャンエレログ5 by イチコ

I am screaming because of these two dorks.


Some of the best #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave memes on twitter.


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To top your former Boss, makes you double seme

【APH Fifa World Cup 2014】NethSpa 


still relevant


still relevant


How best friends fall down

Vine by David Lopez


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I just broke Skyrim by trying to spawn 20,000 cabbages


they’re just floating here as the game crashes, hailing the start of the apocalypse





'Sabrina, the Teenage Witch' 2x06

It is the late nineteen fifties and Kurosaki Kensuke just finished his last class for the day. He smiles waving to his friends as inside he can feel the butterflies in his stomach. He can not fight the smile as he makes his way behind the school to a small forest where he has plans to meet his love. They must meet in secret as their love is not accepted. Both know they will be hurt if they are found out. As he walks into their meeting spot he looks around hoping to see his beloved partner.




Kizami was lost in his thoughts, that would alternate between a random philosophy class to Kurosaki being late for their meeting. As usual. Well, the other had many friends and admirers to keep him busy. Yuuya himself had a couple of girls that wouldn’t let him be, confessions here and there. Shouldn’t they be studying or leaving him the fuck alone? Of course he was always polite, but it would get to his nerves and more and more cats around his neighborhood kept disappearing.

Kensuke sighs resting his head on Yuuya’s shoulder. “Maybe I am a fool…at least I am your fool through right?” He looks up at him hopeful. He watches the larger male’s reactions and sighs again. “Parties are too loud and people get obnoxious…”

His eyes drift to the ground hearing about the poor boy. “That is sad…I know the risk though…to me it is worth it…I do not care if they come for me…I will fight them off till I no longer can…No one can tell me this is wrong because my heart says it is right!”

The young boy finds he has raised his voice a little as his eyes search his lover’s eyes. In a split second decision he grabs Yuuya and kisses him only to whisper, “It feels so right…how can it be wrong? I wont believe it is.”


"…Ah…" looks away still embarrassed "Gee, don’t do things like that without warning me first" Kizami lets out a deep breath and tilts his head back, looking at the bright sky and leaning against Kurosaki "That wasn’t quite the reaction I expected. How can you not care if they’re going to lynch you because we like each other in a wrong way?" murmurs feeling somewhat upset now that he thought it through, looking down at the other "Don’t ever say that. Lie to them, say you never heard of me and leave as soon as they back away, okay?"
"About the drugs… Shimada keeps going about how they’re the new groove, some freaking beetles do it, who the fuck are they? I don’t know. Losing sense of perception isn’t fancy, that I know" sighs as he once again let himself talk too much around Kurosaki, his eyes wandering around and finding the ‘K & K’ that the boy in his arms insisted on marking on the trees. "Y’know, if people find this spot, we are going to be accused of being with the Ku Klux Klan fanatics first of all."